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Spring  2014

April 2, 2014

“Why Geoengineering” (chapter 1)

From: Earthmasters

By: Clive Hamilton


March 12, 2014

 Wind Equals food

By: William McDonough

From: The Upcycle


February 26, 2014

A valuable reputation

By: Rachel Aviv

From: New York Times


February 19, 2014

The story of Stuff

By: Tides Foundation, Founders workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption, and Free Range Studios


February 12, 2014

How the U.S. Exports Global Warming

From: Rolling Stone

By: Tim Dickinson


February 5, 2014

There’s no power on Earth that can stop it! (chapter 1)

From: Losing our cool

By: Stan Cox


January 29, 2014

National Park Proves a Hard Gift to Give

By: Katharine Q. Seelye

From: New York Times


January 22, 2014
If the World’s population lived like…

By: Tim de Chant

From: www.persquaremile.com


Fall 2013

December 11, 2013    
Seeds of Death: Unveiling the lies of GMO’s

Senior Executive Producer / Writer / Director: Gary Null PhD

youtube link: http://youtu.be/a6OxbpLwEjQ


November 6, 2013     

Vision of Prarie Paradise Troubles Some Montana Ranchers

By: Jack Healy

From: The New York Times


October 30, 2013
What is your dinner doing to the environment?

By: Bijal Trivedi

From: New Scientist


October 2, 2013

The Brief Tragic Reign of Consumerism and the Birth of a Happy Alternative

From: Resilience

By: Richard Heinberg


September 18, 2013
Rob Hopkins: Transition to a world without oil

From: TED talks

By: Rob Hopkins


September 4, 2013
Can we save Mojave desert tortoises by moving them out of harm’s way

From: High Country News

By: Emily Green


August 28, 2013

From: Flight Behavior

By: Barbara Kingsolver


Summer 2013

August 7, 2013

Desert carbon farming to curb CO2

By: Matt McGrath

From: BBC News


July 31, 2013

We Are All Aboard the Pequod

By: Chris Hedges

From: Truthdig.com


July 24, 2013

Climate change going beyond dangerous

By: Kevin Anderson

From: Whatnext.org


July 17, 2013

What is your dinner doing to the climate?

By: Bijal Trivedi

From: newscientist.com


July 10, 2013

The Southwest’s forest may never recover from megafires

By: Larry Lamsa

From: Grist


July 3, 2013

The River Runs Through It

By: Paul Greenberg

From: The American Prospect


May 22, 2013
10 skills to Hone for a Post Oil Future

By: Ana Maria Espagna

From: Orion Magazine


Spring 2013


May 1st
“Beyond Sustainababble” (Chapter 1)

By: The World Watch Institute

From: Is Sustainability Still Possible?


April 24th

“Lava Falls: The Blood of Oasis Civilization”

By: William deBuys

From: A Great Aridness


April 3rd      

Someone’s lunch

By: Kathryn Miles

From: Terrain Magazine


March 27th
Dirty Words on Mount St. Helen

By: Simmons Buntin

From: Terrain Magazine


March 27th
Dirty Words on Mount St. Helen

By: Simmons Buntin

From: Terrain Magazine

March 20th     

Splendid Visions

By: William Giraldi

From: Orion Magazine


February 20th


From: The Undiscovered Country

By: John Hay


February 6th     

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II

January 30th


From: The Road Washes Out in Spring

By: Baron Wormser


January 23rd     

Into an Unknown Country

By: John Michael Greer

From: The Archdruid Report


January 9th    

Dark Ecology

By: Paul Kingsnorth

From: Orion Magazine