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Courses offered as Environmental Studies

CSES offers interdisciplinary courses at Rice focused on environmental topics and issues directly impacting our society.  Several core Environmental Studies (ENST) courses are solely offered under the auspices of the CSES, and some others are cross-listed with other departments.


The courses offered by CSES as ENST courses are:

ENST 179. Underwater Ecology (cross-listed with LPAP and EBIO)snorkeling

ENST 302.  Environmental Issues:  Rice into the Future (cross-listed with SOCI 304)

ENST 315.  Environmental Health

ENST 350.  Environmental Internship

ENST 368.  Literature and the Environment

ENST 400.  Independent Study

For a complete listing of the ENST courses visit the Rice University Course Catalog


Double Major in Environmental Science

 The BA in Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program that addresses environmental issues in the context of what we know about earth, ecology, and society. The Program offers several interdisciplinary courses often team-taught by faculty from various areas of study. In addition to its science core, the major also seeks to provide students with some appreciation of social, cultural, and policy dimensions of environmental issues, as well as exposure to the technologies of pollution control. Students may take environmental science only as a second major. For a complete description and degree requirements click HERE or contact Andre Droxler   andre[at]rice[dot]edu or the CSES coordinator   cses[at]rice[dot]edu


Other Environmentally Related Majors and Minors at Rice

  • Environmental Policy, second major. Advisor: Don Ostdiek     dho (at) rice.edu
  • Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering focus. Advisor: Mason Tomson     mtomson (at) rice.edu
  • Chemical Engineering, Environmental Focus. Advisor: Kyriacos Zygourakis     kyzy (at) rice.edu
  • Earth Sciences, Environmental Focus. Advisor: Carrie Masiello    masiello (at) rice.edu
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Advisor: Nick Putnam    nputnam (at) rice.edu
  • Energy and Water Sustainability minor. Civil and Environmental Engineering. Website
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology minor. Advisor: Scott Solomon       ses4 (at) rice.edu
  • Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities minor. Director: Diana Strassmann. Contact: pjhc (at) rice.edu

 Graduate options

  • M.S., M.A. and Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  –  website
  • Professional Master of Environmental Analysis and Decision Making  –  website
  • M.S. and Ph.D. in Earth Science  –  website


Other Environmentally Related Departments at Rice